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  1. Android Web Service   In Android creating a web service application is not a difficult task. A Web Service is a standard for exchanging information b/w different types of applications and platform. For example, Android app can interact with .net, java, php etc
  2. Android Animation In this lesson you learn about Android Animation, Android provide large number of interface and classes.Animation enables you to change the objects property and behaviors at runtime. Many option is available in android.  
  3. Android Graphics In this Android training course you will learn about android graphics. Android framework provide 2d and 3D graphics APIs. Canvas - provide Sets of 2d APIs and Powered by "Canvas" class. OpenGL ES - Its offer a set of extremely powerfull 3D graphics that can be benefited from the hardwere acceleration.      
  4. Activity LifeCycle Android Activity Lifecycle is controlled by android.app.Activity class. In this Android training course you will learn about activity lifecycle,In activity you can place all UI components in single screen. Android Activity Lifecycle Methods -  onCreate  onStart onResume onPause onstop onRestart onDestroy

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