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  1. Manipulating Data The SQL Manipulating Data is used to insert,retrieve and modify database information.These Query is used by all users .In this SQL training course you will learn to manipulate data in server.    
  2. SQL Set Operators SQL Set Operators is used to join the results of two(more) SELECT Statement. SQL Set Operators  is available in Oracle 11g are INTERSECT,UNION,UNION ALL AND MINUS.This operator returns the combined results of the two SELECT Statement.
  3. Using SQL Subqueries to Solve Queries A Query with in a Query is called subqueries .SQL Subqueries to Solve Queries can be used any place where an expression is allowed, means a subqueries that returns a single value can also be listed as an object in FROM clause and it is treat like view and […]
  4. Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions Unlike single row functions,groups functions operate on set of rows to give a result per group,Sets may comprise the entire table into groups. There are following types of groups functions: AVG MAX MIN COUNT STDDEV VARIANCE SUM
  5. Restricting and Sorting Data In SQL ORDER BY Clause is used to short the data , based on one and more columns,Some data base sorts query results in ascending order by-default.In this training lesson you learn about Restricting and Sorting Data.,

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