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  1. Managing Data Concurrency In this oracle database online training lesson you will learn Managing Data Concurrency how oracle database maintains consistent data in multi-user database environment.data concurrency means that many user can access data at a time
  2. Administering User Security In this oracle database training lesson you will learn administering User security, For user to access the data,data administrator must create user accounts and grant appropriate database access.
  3. Managing the ASM Instance In this Oracle database Training lesson you will learn about Managing the ASM Instance. ASM stands for Automatic Storage Management.This lesson Contain following topics: Overview of oracle ASM Understanding concepts of ASM ASM Disk Group Administration  
  4. Managing the Database Instance This Oracle training lesson will provide you background information about Managing the Database Instance.Oracle database consist of a set of disk files that store user data and metadata.An Oracle database instance contains the set of oracle background processes.
  5. Creating an Oracle Database Using DBCA In this Oracle Database training lesson you will learn how to Create an Oracle Database using DBCA,During installation you can direct the installer to create and configure a new database.
  6. Installing your Oracle Software In this Oracle Database training lesson you will learn about how to install Oracle Software of Database,How to use Oracle Universal Installer to install your Oracle database Software and How to configure.
  7. Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture Welcome, In this Oracle Database training course you will learn all about Oracle database and how to manage,In this lesson you will learn about Oracle Database Architecture,These are following: Oracle memory structures Oracle Background Processes Oracle disk utilization structures  
  8. Regular Expression Support Regular Expression Support is a special text string for describing a search pattern. This lesson is quite unique because it not only explain the regular expression but also describe in detail how to the regex engine works

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