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  1. Abstract Window Toolkit In Java awt is an API to develop graphical user interface(GUI) application in java. Awt Component are platform dependent because component displayed according operating system and awt is heavyweight.
  2. Event Handling Event is changing the state of an object.Event class and listener interface is provided by java.awt.event package for event handling. For example key press,text etc.
  3. Java Networking Java Networking is connecting two or more computing devices together i.e. Internet is the biggest network.In Java Networking we can share resources and centralize software management. Widely used Java Networking : IP Address Protocol Port Number MAC Address Connection-oriented and connection-less protocol Socket
  4. JAVA Serialization In this java training lesson you learn about JAVA Serialization. JAVA Serialization is the process to convert an object's state to a sequence of bytes or rebuilding those bytes into a live object at some future time.
  5. Java Synchronization In this training lesson you learn about Java synchronization. Java Synchronization is the capability to control access of thread and batter option where we want to allow only one thread to access the resource. Java has two type of Java synchronization Process Java Synchronization Thread Java Synchronization
  6. JAVA Multithreading In this lesson you will learn about Java Multithreading. Thread is a smallest unit of processing and separate path of execution. In Java Multithreading is process of executing multiple(more then one)  threads simultaneously.  Process-based Multi-threading. Thread-based multithreading
  7. Inner Classes In this training lesson you will learn about Java inner classes. Java inner classes is a class i.e. declared  inside the class or interface . Java inner classes represent spacial type relationship.Inner class also known as nested class. Types of Java inner classes(Nested):- Non-Static nested class. Static nested class.  
  8. Exception Handling In this training lesson you learn about Exception handling. Exception is a condition which is abnormal. In java Exception handling is powerful mechanism to handle the run-time errors. Types  - Checked Exception Unchecked Exception
  9. Constructor In this lesson we discuss about Java constructor. what is Java constructor- In Java Constructor is a spacial type method that is used to initialize the object. Why We Create Java Constructor- When a object is instantiated(when you use new keyword) then the constructor initialize the newly created object. Rules- Java basically  two rules defined for […]
  10. Java Object and Class In this training lesson we learn about Java Object and Class. Object is real world entity that has state and behavior e.g. laptop, pen, fan etc. classes are  groups of objects that has common property and class function(behavior) is  method. A java class can contain: data member method constructor block class […]

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