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  1. Android Emulator   Android Emulator is used to debug, test and run the android application. Without having Android device, Emulator is the best way to debug, run and test the applications.    
  2. Android Architecture In this lesson you will learn about Android Architecture. Android architecture is categorized into five parts.   Linux kernel Native libraries Android Run-time Application Framework Applications 
  3. Android Introduction Welcome in Android Training Course, As you know android is mobile operating system.Provide a application framework that allows to build apps.Android use java language environment for app .  
  4. JAVA RMI In this training lesson you will learn about JAVA RMI. JAVA RMI (Remote Method Invocation) is an API that provides Mechanism to create distributed programs in java.
  5. JDBC JAVA JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) is a API(Application programming interface) to connect and Execute query with the database.
  6. Collection In Java collection is a framework and All the operation that you perform an a data can be performed by Java collection. ex. Searching,insertion,deletion.
  7. Java Reflection API In this training lesson you learn about Java Reflection API. Process of examining or modifying the run time behavior of a class at run time is Java reflection. Reflection is used in IDE,Debugger and Test Tools.
  8. Java Applet Java Applet is spacial program that is embedded in the webpage.Applet run inside the browser and generate the dynamic content.
  9. Layout Manager The JAVA Layout Manager is a interface that is used to arrange components in particular manner that is implemented by all the classes of layout managers.
  10. Java Swing In this training lesson you learn about java Swing .Java Swing is part of java foundation class and used to create window based application. Awt is platform dependent but Java Swing is platform independent and lightweight from awt.

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