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  1. Android Activity and intents If you know c,c++ or java programming language then you have seen that in these all programming language programs starts from main() function. Just like android initiate programs with in an activity. Android Intent is manly used to start the service, launch an activity, Display web page, Display a list of […]
  2. Android Multimedia In this lesson you learn about android multimedia, how to control multimedia file(Audio/Video) file and stream. Android is provide media class for audio and video files built in.
  3. Android XML Parsing Android provide the facility to parse the XML files. Android Provide three types of Android XML Parsing SAX Android XML Parsing DOM Android XML Parsing Pullparser Android XML Parsing
  4. Android XML and JSON In this training you are going to learn about Android XML and JSON, How to parse the xml file and how to extract information form file. XML Stands for Extensible Mark-up Language and very popular format and commonly used to share data in world wide network. JavaScript Object notation (JSON) is […]
  5. Android SQLite SQLite is used to perform database operation on android device. SQLlite is embedded in android by-default, there is no neend to install and setup any administration task.In this lesson you learn about database connectivity and how to handle DB task.
  6. Android Storage In this training course you will learn about Android storage.Android shared preferences are used to store data and retrieve primitive data types. String, integer,long,number are primitive data types in android. Two types Storage -  Internal External
  7. Android Service Service is a component that is used to perform operations on the background level.ex. playing music,networking transactions. Android service doesn't have any user interface(UI). Two forms of a service  Started Bound          
  8. <h1>Android Menu</h1>   In android menu are common user interface  component in applications to provide user familiar and consistent user experience.We should use menu API to present user action. There are three types of fundamental  menu : Option Menu Context Menu Popup Menu      
  9. Android Fragments   Android fragment also known  as sub-activity and it is the part of activity.Fragment represent multiple screen inside one activity.In this training lesson you will learn about android fragment, fragment life-cycle,methods and many more about android fragment.
  10. Android Widgets In this Android training course you will learn about android widgets,Android widgets are easy to learn. ex. button, toast, custom toast, alert-dialog, Spinner,rating bar, date picker and many more android widgets are you will learn.

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