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  1. Python Condition Learn Python Conditions ,Python uses boolean variables to evaluate conditions. The boolean values True and False are returned when an expression is compared or evaluated
  2. Python String In python, Python String are easy and simplest to use and Python String are immutable.String can be create simply by enclosing character in quotes("").
  3. Decision Making In Python Decision Making is anticipation of conditions occurring while execution of the program and require that the programmer specify one and more condition to be tested by the program.
  4. Basic Operators In this training course you will learn about Python operators. What is Python operators,how they works,why we need then, how many type and how they all works. Operators are simply symbols which Works(operator) on some values and produce output.ex. +,_,>,/,! etc.
  5. Python Variables And Data Types In this training lesson you going to learn about Python variable and Data types. Variables is a name of the location of memory where data is stored.When we create variable means a space of memory allocated
  6. Python Introduction Python introduction , Python training course here you learn and get training about python course. Python, a dynamic, high-level and object oriented language with short and flexible code. In Python, there are no functions, parameters, constructors, and no declaration of variables. Simple and short code makes it fast ans reliable. With object-oriented, it […]
  7. Duplicating a Database In this Oracle Database training lesson you will learn how to use the Duplicate a Database command to create a Duplicate database.This lesson contains These topic: Making Backup RMAN Database Duplication Duplicating a Oracle Database and many more.......|

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