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  1. Python Sets In this training course you will learn about Python Sets.Python Sets are lists of entries with unique entries.
  2. Python Networking Two level of access provided by Python Networking.At low level Python Networking ,basic access socket support in the underlying OS.Which establish connection between clients and server. And at high level Python Networking also has libraries that provide access to specific application.For ex. FTP, HTTP etc.
  3. Python MySQL Database Access In this training course you will learn about Python MySql database access.A database is a collection of an organized data. Mysql is worlds most popular open source database. Here you learn how to connect,handle and query.
  4. Python CGI Programming The Common Getway Interface(CGI) is a set of standards when it comes to running your python script.You will learn how python script can be executed as Python CGI Programming script.
  5. Python Regular Expressions Python Regular Expressions is widely used in UNIX world and In python,A regular expression is a spacial order of char that helps us to match & find other strings &  sets of strings,using a spacial syntex
  6. Python File Input Output Python File Input Output can be used to read and write data and also supports reading and writing data to files.the simplest way to produce output is print statement and for input, Python File Input Output provide two types functions are follows input raw_input
  7. Python Exceptions Handling Exception is abnormal condition in a code(Program) resulting to the disruption in the flow of the program. Python have two very important feature to handle any unexpected error. Python Exceptions Handling assertions
  8. Python Classes and Objects   In this training lesson you will learn about Python Classes and Objects. Python is Object-Oriented-language and interpreted scripted language. OOPS(Object-Oriented-language) is like a real world relation-ship.
  9. Python Functions In this python training course you will learn about Python Functions. A Function is a self block of code that is used to perform a single, related action. Types of Function in Python -  Built-in Function. User- Define.  
  10. Python Loops Python Loops are statements which are executed sequentially, In other words a situation when you need to execute a block of code several number of times. Loop Type -   for loops while loops nested loops  

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