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  1. PL/SQL - Procedures A Stored PLSQL-Procedures is a named PL/SQL block which is performed one and more specific tasks, Similar to a PLSQL-Procedures in other programming language.A procedures may or may not return any value and has header and body. There are three way to pass parameters in procedures - IN- parameters OUT- parameters IN […]
  2. PL/SQL - Loops & Strings   PLSQL-Loops Strings, In Program may be a situation when you need to execute a block several times.A loops Statement allow us to execute a statement or groups of statements multiple time and the loop statement is most in programming language. String is actually string of characters with optional size […]
  3. PLSQL Conditions   PLSQL Conditions ,In PL/SQL language decision making structures required.Programmer specify one and more Conditions for testing, along with the statement to be executed. If Condition is true then a specific Statement will execute else other statement will be. PL/SQL Provide following type Statement: IF-THEN Statement IF-THEN-ELSE Statement IF-THEN-ELSEIF Statement Case Statement Searched […]
  4. PL/SQL - Operators An PLSQL-Operators is a Symbol used to perform specific mathematical or logical manipulation. PL/SQL is rich in built in operator and provide following operator: String Operator Arithmetic Operator Logical Operator Arithmetic Operator Comparison Operator
  5. PLSQL Constants and Literals In this training lesson you will learn about PLSQL Constants and Literals in detailed .A constants holds a value that does not change after declaration.A literals is a value that not represented by an identifiers. PL/SQL support the following type literals: Boolean Literals Character Literals String Literals Numeric Literals Date and Time […]
  6. PL/SQL - Variables PLSQL-Variables is simply name of the memory space where data is stored.In PL/SQL placeholders are temporary  storage that can be any of PLSQL-Variables. few of datatypes are given Number,Char,Varchar,Date,Long etc.
  7. PL/SQL - Introduction PL/SQL-introduction,In PL/SQL Course you will learn all level of database programming.PL/SQL programming language was developed by Oracle Corporation in 1980. PL/SQL was developed as procedural extension language for SQL and Oracle relational database This language is combination of SQL with procedural feature of programming language.
  8. Python Decorators Python decorators provides simple modification to callable objects, dynamically alter the functionality of a function,method or class without subclass.In this lesson you learn about Python Decorators in depth and accompanied by a bounce of example.
  9. Python Code Introspection Python Code Introspection is python's strengths.As we know In python everything is an object. Python Code Introspection is code looking at modules and functions in storage as object.
  10. Python Partial functions In this Python Training lesson you will learn about Python Partial functions. Python Partial functions Allow one to derive a function with x parameters to a function with some parameters and python fix the values set for the more limited function.You have to import partial to use Python Partial functions.

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