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  1. MySQL PHP Syntax MySQL PHP Syntax, MySQL works very well in combination of various programming language like C,C++,JAVA, and PHP. This lesson will explain you all the syntax of PHP, PHP is the most popular one because of its web programs development capabilities. PHP provide various functions to access database.
  2. MySQL Administration After Installation and Setup,Now MySQL Administration. In this training lesson you learn about administration.How to control.How to start and shutting down MySQL Server and Setting up a user account
  3. MySQL introduction MySQL introduction,In this lesson you will learn about Database,types,architecture  and a induction about MySQL. Database: A Database is a separate application that Stores data. And MySQL is relational database management system/
  4. SQL Server Clusters   In this training course you will learn about SQL Server Clusters and how this will make our data connectivity easier.Server Clusters is collection of two and more physically servers.Hardware failures are a nightmare on a alone server,so cluster can easily run SQL sever instance from another node.       Previous […]
  5. SQL Realtime Project Scenario SQL Realtime Project Scenario  happens in SQL Server all the time. You INSERT data - it goes in in "real time". UPDATE/DELETE data - same thing. Ex. One "real time" scenario would be bank account transactions. You can now move money back and forth between your checking and savings accounts in "real […]
  6. SQL Performance Tuning SQL Performance Tuning means how you can make faster your database so outer world can access easily SQL Performance Tuning can be some time difficult if working with large scale data.You will learn how to do SQL Performance Tuning and how most minor change can have positive and negative impact on performance.  
  7. SQL Server High Availability In this SQL Dba training course you will Learn About SQL Server High Availability: Leverage SQL Server technologies to achieve high-availability solutions Design a service level agreement that matches business requirements Plan, prepare and install a SQL Server failover cluster Mirror a database to ensure instant failover Automate deployment with Always […]
  8. SQL Server security In this training lesson you lean about SQL Server security, SQL Dba Server has many advance feature secure data application. Each Sql server version have his different security feature,just like windows.
  9. SQL Server Data Export and Import (Data Movement) Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio provide the Export Wizard task which you can use to copy data from One to another source.In this training lesson you will learn about SQL Server Data Export and Import. how to can copy, move etc.
  10. SQL Database Objects SQL Server provides object that can used by system to monitor activity in System's running an instance of server.An object is resource and each object contain one and more  

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