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  1. MySQL Clone Tables Some time we have to need an exact copy of a table and that time CREATE TABLE an SELECT does not suit our purposes, You can handle such type condition and how you can, you will learn about MySQL Clone Tables.  
  2. MySQL and SQL Injection In world wide, if you take value(Input) through a site and insert it  in database.There is chance that you left your database open for world wide.this condition create security issue that is known as Injection.This training lesson will teach you MySQL and SQL Injection,how you can secure your script and statement.Injection […]
  3. MySQL Temporary Tables MySQL Temporary Tables means some time we have to keep some temporary data,in that case temporary Tables is very useful.Temporary table was not the part of MySQL before version 3.23.If you are using an older version then,you can not use this but can use heap table.
  4. MySQL ALTER MySQL ALTER Command is very useful when you want to change the name of MySQL database table and if you want to add , delete an existing column in table.You will learn in this table dropping,adding and re-positioning a Column.  
  5. MySQL NULL Values MySQL NULL Values,Sometime when we try to give a condition,which compare column value to NULL.It Doesn't work properly.To handle that situation MySQL provide three operators: <=> IS NOT NULL IS NULL
  6. MySQL Sorting Results We have seen SELECT Command to fetch records.When you select rows,server is free to return them in any order,unless you instruct it.In this lesson you learn how MySQL Sorting Results can  short results by using two ways: Command prompt Script
  7. Using MySQL Joins Thus far,we have been getting data only from one table but in most real world,you will need to get data from multiple tables in a single query.At this time you can use MySQL Joins in SELECT,DELETE and UPDATE Statement.We can this MySQL Joins using two way MySQL Joins Using Command prompt and MySQL Joins […]
  8. MySQL DELETE Query Some time if You want to delete a record from any table,then use DELETE SQL Command.You can use this command using command prompt and Using any script.
  9. MySQL LIKE Clause MySQL LIKE Clause,You Use SELECT & WHERE Command to fetch data from table,But some time we want to do a exact match,We want to filter out all the result.This like condition can be handled using LIKE Clause along with WHERE.In this Lesson you will learn all about like clause.    
  10. MySQL WHERE Clause Some times you have condition to fetch data. Like Student above 60%, In that case you can use conditional clause called MySQL WHERE Clause to filter our results.Using MySQL WHERE Clause,we can specify criteria to select required data from table. You can perform MySQL WHERE Clause action using two ways: MySQL WHERE Clause Using […]

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