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  1. MySQL Database Export-Backup Methods   MySQL Database Export-Backup Methods ,Using SELECT...INTO OUTFILE statement is the simplest way to exporting a table into a text file.In this training course lesson you will learn how you can Export- backup of your database and table.  
  2. MySQL Database Import-Recovery Methods Recovery means load backup in MySQL Database you can doMySQL Database Import-Recovery Methods  using two simple ways: Importing data from load data Importing data with mysqlimport    
  3. Obtaining and Using MySQL Metadata In MySQL prompt it is very easy to get all information about results of queries,about table and about MySQL Server.but while you using PHP,Perl.You need to call various API explicitly to obtain all these information.In this lesson you learn how to Using MySQL Metadata.
  4. MySQL Sequences A set of Integers called MySQL Sequences,and generated in order on demand.This is frequently used in database.Many application required each row in a table with a unique value and MySQL Sequences provide a easy way to generate them.this lesson describe how to use MySQL Sequences.
  5. MySQL Handling Duplicates MySQL Handling Duplicates,Some times tables and results contain duplicate data,In many condition it is required to stop duplicate records and required to identify duplicate data and remove them from result and table.In this lesson you learn how we can do this.

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